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You're doing it all yourself...

your podcast, your website, your online teaching platform, your sewing pattern, your mail delivery, your nurture sequence…you just need a little help.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend to call up and walk you through the parts that are causing you trouble?   Why, yes it would!

Well…I can help.  When I started my online sewing business and podcast 6 years ago, I wished for another set of eyes to give me feedback on my site (do the colors convey a sense of peace and community?), read over my copy to see how compelling it was, and to answer my specific questions about setting up the tech of my online home.

I not only teach sewing online, but I have a graphic design degree and have spent years editing video and audio and finding really effective ways to get more done in less time.  And in more in alignment with who I am, who my brand is.

I specialize in audio editing, podcast management, great copy writing and creating sewing pattern illustration booklets and digitizing and editing sewing patterns. 

Honestly, as a natural problem solver and go-getter, I’m excellent with all tech.  I am one of those strange creative people who both have an artistic side and a numbers/anatlytical side!  Pattern drafting is just about the perfect mix for me and then add in online business and finding best practices.  I’m in heaven.

I can also help you with a fresh set of eyes on your copywriting, a website audit to see what you might be missing and your nurture sequence…schedule a free 15-minute call to see if we’re a good match.

Already know you want to work with me?  email me and let’s get going!

My Services are for you if you...

  • You have so many dreams.  So many things you want to get out into the world but you also want to live a life you love!  Not spend hours in front of the computer doing work that doesn’t light you up.

  • Are ready to focus on your best work and hire out the bits that take you away from your valuable efforts.

  • Are ready to grow your business through connection and attract your ideal customers.

  • Have no more time to give.  Because you’re, finally, dedicated to honoring balance in your life.

  • Have some online pieces that you need some help with and you’re not sure where to turn.

  • Want to build an e-mail list with opt-ins and perhaps an e-course and you just don’t know how to get started.
Are you looking for a website that feels like you?

…not a smarmy salesman, but authentically you? 
Want to reach your audience with a beautiful website that tells your story? 

Worried that it will take too much time, not only to create, but to maintain?  You don’t have extra time laying around, twiddling it’s thumbs.  And for goodness sakes, if you did, that’s not how you would use it.

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the directions your attention is being pulled

I know how hard it is to be a business owner...

I mean, yes, you can do it ALL yourself (now it’s easier than ever) but it takes time.  Valuable time.   And setting up all the components…hosting, domain, installing platform, themes, communication providers, etc…is daunting. 

Maybe you’ve already spent precious time creating a website and are frustrated that you can’t get it just like you want it or that it’s not quite a reflection of you.  Perhaps it doesn’t function easily or intuitively.

Maybe you have no interest in more hours spent in front of you computer, learning a new “language” and fiddling and tweaking and second guessing.

Ready for some help?

I’ll do what I do best, so you can do what you do best. 

What I do best is

  • help bring your vision to life (even if you’re not sure what you vision is yet)
  • create synergy in your site so that it’s greater than the sum of it’s parts
  • give you breathing room

Want to do updates on your own?  No problem.  I can train you on your website & tech and be there if you need help.  

Maybe you’re thinking, “yeah, but I worked so hard on my online home and it’s pretty good…it just needs a little help”.   Maybe it needs some tweaks, a bit of coding here or there, some expertise on the best plug ins and how to set up your opt-in, a few graphics to make it pop.  A little refining

I can do that too.

I’m Tina and I’m pleased to meet you

I have a passion for authentic connection and a love of simple, honest design that imbues the piece with subtle meaning. 

My services are for people who believe they have something meaningful to share with the world. I focus on people who want to wholeheartedly present themselves and their business.  I promise that engaging my services will help you to connect with meaning and free you up to do what you do best.

Give me a call or send me an e-mail and let’s see how I can help. 


Tech & Online Marketing Help

Your website, your online teaching platform, your mail delivery, your nurture sequence…and you just need a little help.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend to call up and walk you through the parts that are causing you trouble?   Why, yes it would!

Schedule and free exploratory call now! Click here.

$75 / hour of
one-on-one training

Web Design

Looking for a website that feels like home?

From as simple as a one page brochure-style site to a multi-page, blogging, e-commerce storefront.

Websites begin at $750.

Looking for a bit of tweaking to a site you already own...let's talk.

I also offer a maintenance subscription to help with updates.


book/magazine layout

....for web, social media, print.

Tech Training

You've got the website and all the tech (or much of it) going...but how do you make changes to it?

Or maybe you have a little of this or that you want to update.

I can help get you from pulling your hair out in frustration and taking up so much of your time, to jumping in and getting it done, yourself!

On your timing.

Digitizing Sewing Patterns

From one pattern drafter to another.

Let me take your sewing patterns and turn them into professional, multi-sized PDFs.

That instruction book...I can do that to.

What you can Expect...

  1. Begin with a free, 15 minute call to see if we’re a good fit and determine what your needs are.
  2. Schedule a time to begin working on your project.   Considering my next availability and your deadline needs.
  3. Pay the Deposit.
  4. Do your homework, before I begin working on your project.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly what I need. You’ll get my step-by-step workbook (for websites), which walks you through defining your website and determines what you need to provide me, or for other projects,  some bit of homework from our call.

  5. I’ll provide you with some mock-up ideas for your project to be sure we’re speaking the same language.
  6. You’ll approve the final project with up to 2 revisions. (feel free to revise it more, but they may not be covered in our cost projections or your time slot)
  7. Final payment on the project and I hand over the keys
    For a website, I will send you all of the passwords and links that are involved in your site.  Such as your WordPress account, hosting company,  mail server and payment collector, etc.   In a nice, neat little package. I’ll include some simple ways to update the content on your site too.   For a graphic project, I’ll send your project in a print or web ready file format.
  8. If you want to update your site yourself (and I recommend you do) and want know how in a clear and concise manner…then schedule a WordPress Training, for an additional hourly fee.
  9. Maybe you want me to handle revisions and updates on your website…we can plan for that too.  I offer monthly maintenance packages

Recent Work


Multi-page, Blogging & Service Website
Multi-page Event Website
Brochure-stye Website


Hand Drawn Illustration

from pen to mouse…

Hand drawn illustration - digitized and colored



"Tina did a fantastic job synthesizing all of the info we wanted to include in the Tip of the Mitt Fiber Fair's website into an easy to navigate and clean format, while also making it fun and engaging.

Tina is warm, professional, responsive, and open to suggestions.

The website she created for us fits our event perfectly!"

How to get Started...

Get Started…give me a call or send me an e-mail.   

Book a free 15 minute consultation.

Let’s talk about what’s bogging you down and your hopes for your business.  

See if we’re a good match.


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call or text 231-225-8375

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5 Steps to an Authentic Website

I'm honored to be invited into your inbox and promise to never send you junk that you don't want!